An Introduction to Paper Piecing: The Pinwheel Quilt

I am a member of Village Squares Quilters Quilt Guild. A few years ago, we received a generous fabric donation from Blank Quilting (now Blank Quilting Corporation). After cataloging and storing all the fabric, our guild brainstormed ways we could use the fabric for outreach. I volunteered to lead a Block of the Month (BOM) program where members could learn, create, and help make charity quilts each meeting.

This June I finished up my second year of BOM lessons. Last year, most of the blocks we made were assembled and donated to Furniture Sharehouse. Here is a press release about our donation — you can see several of the first year BOM quilts in the fourth photo down, under the Outreach sign.

This year, the BOM program focused on Paper Piecing. We started with a very simple lesson for a Pinwheel Quilt. Here is a link to the PDF pattern and paper piecing pattern:

Pinwheel Quilt – November 2016 BOM Instructions
Pinwheel Paper Piecing Pattern

Here are some ideas for layouts:

Nov Pinwheel Layout

We decided to go with the second layout, and the instructions are written as such. But you could always change that around. Here are two of our finished blocks, in the blue colorway:Blue Pinwheel

We have more of these blue blocks, and they’re currently being assembled into a top by one of our members.

And, finally, here is a finished baby quilt! I didn’t put the top together or quilt it — so I can’t take credit for this one at all. It was created entirely by various members of my guild!

Pinwheel Quilt

I love the collaboration that goes into these charity quilts. This one will likely be donated to the White Plains Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.


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