The Border Project

Hello there. Today I’m going to share with you a something I call “The Border Project.” This is a quilt I started as part of a lesson that I presented during my quilt guild’s annual Members Teaching Members day. 

Here is a link to the instructions that I wrote for the lesson:

54 40 or Fight and the Illusion of Curves

I made the blocks to demonstrate this lesson. Then I made a few more, and voila! A quilt top. Here it is:


I was trying to use more neutral colors. How did I do?

This will be a wedding quilt for a friend who was married last year (I’m a little late with my gift, oops). I like my wedding quilts to be on the larger size, so this one needs a few more borders. I decided to make a pieced border. Here’s a sketch I made in EQ7:

54 40 or fight

EQ7 is so great because I was able to figure out exactly how big to make the pinwheels to have them fit perfectly. In the past I would have just started cutting and made it fit later — this planning in advance works much better. I cut a lot of 2.5″ triangles to make the pinwheels. I think it was about 200. Here are some of them:


Here they are all lined up next to my machine. I find it’s easier to pair them up in advance to maintain that scrappy look while still making uniform blocks. Plus, if I take the time to pair them up, then I can zone out when I’m actually sewing them together. This is when I like to watch shows that don’t require my full attention, like Grey’s Anatomy.


I did get all the pinwheels together, and even sewn on to the quilt. It took some finesse to get it on there. The border was a bit longer than the quilt. Anyway, it’s on there now.


Just two more borders to go.

I haven’t begun cutting the next border. This has moved to the pile of unfinished projects in favor of a Summer Project test quilt (for my guild), and two T-shirt quilt commissions. I was also hired to machine quilt a project (by my mom — does that count?). She’s visiting me in June, and it would be so nice if I had it ready for her then.

What are you working on?



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